G I Sheet Insulation

G I Sheet Insulation

We are involved in offering a wide range of XLPE Insulation (Chemically Cross Linked Polyethylene) that are fire resistant, durable in service and have good flexibility. These materials are applicable for A/C and humidification ducts, spandrel insulation, under deck, hot & cold water pipeline & acoustic flooring and ceiling. These materials are also available in generally Roll Form.

• “Flexible Duct” designed for HVAC systems is strong, light weight, fully flexible, compressible yet
dimensionally stable.

• Inner core is made of laminated films permanently bonded to a coated tough steel wire helix.
• Thermal efficiency is provided by wrapping exterior of the inner core with a blanket of fiberglass wool insulation in various density and thickness as per the required thermal resistance.
• Outer jacket which acts as a vapor barrier is tear and abuse resistant and is made of double laminated film
with fiberglass yarn reinforcement.

Application and Benefit

• Ideal for all air-conditioning and ventilating systems in hospitals, hotels, industrial, residential, commercial and office buildings.
• Available as bare and pre insulated.
• Due to high degree of flexibility, allows ducting around obstacles where prefabricated metal ducts would be difficult and costly to install.
• A quick and economical means of correcting misalignment between system components.